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Note 7 Has The Fastest Download Speed for A Smartphone

galaxy-note7_s-pen_kv_lYes, you hear that right. Note 7 is not only a spec beast but it also downloads files at a rate that is almost double the speed of what the second in line smartphone can achieve. This is possible due to a connection standard called as 4×4 MIMO. This is a new technology but the older versions were used in previous flagships like the Galaxy S7. MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output.

This technology uses 4 antennas to establish a connection with cellular towers which results in multiple parallel downloads and uploads resulting in doubling the speed of data transfer. Even if one antenna failed to maintain its connections, the phones switches to other antennas to preserve the connection.

Not only that, this technology ensures a faster and more reliable network connections resulting in a better network efficiency. The process is so efficient that the battery life is not significantly impacted like in the case of previous technologies.

Qualcomm’s X12 LTE modem that is found in the Snapdragon 820 is the basis for this technology. So if you live in countries apart from china and U.S, then getting your hands on a Snapdragon 820 powered Note 7 may be a distant dream without shelling out a bomb. Exynos powered Note 7 will not have the 4×4 MIMO technology built into them.

But the real world benefits many be next to nothing. To take advantage of this technology, the phone as well as the network tower has to be compatible with the 4×4 MIMO. Not every carrier supports it as of this moment. Only T-Mobile is compatible with this technology.

“20MHz markets would go from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps. If the Note 7 also has 256 QAM, then add another 33% for about 400 Mbps peak speeds.” said an expert on the subject.