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New Gear VR Tries To Fit In The New As Well As The Old

gear-vr-note-7-sm323Samsung showed a lot of accessories when it launched the Note 7 yesterday. The most important among them is the redesigned Gear VR headset that now come in all black color rather than the black white panda color. It actually looks sleeker now. But the changes are more than cosmetic.

As the new Note 7 comes with a USB Type-C port, Samsung had to make a virtual reality headset with a similar port. This meant leaving older devices such as the S7 and Note 5 in the dust. But Samsung came up with a modular design and the port adapter can be interchanged with a micro USB adapter that can accommodate the legacy devices making it an all-round champ.

Another major change is the viewing angle. Samsung Claims that viewing angle is now 101 degrees instead of the standard 96 making the visual experience more cinematic. The inner padding now houses extra cushion to make the user feel more comfortable during extended usage sessions.

The touchpad has also gone under the knife. The new touchpad is more refined with a flat surface as opposed to the grooved surface making the interaction more refined. A new home button has been added to the headset that brings to the home menu where ever you are in the user interface. Next to it is the back button for navigation.

Overall, the new Gear VR isn’t a steep departure from its predecessor but the subtle changes make it more comfortable to use and if own the older version, it is definitely recommending for the upgrade. The headset still cost an affordable $99 making it ideal for mass consumption.