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Hitman: Go Lands On Gear VR  

d94317ff831a0ef5fdd44ed8d5a5f9e3Hitman: Go was an excellent game that was tailored made for the phone and tablets. It didn’t strive to recreate the sprawling environment that Hitman: Absolution offered. It didn’t not even attempt to create the playing experience of the AAA console game. The developers instead treated the game as a truly mobile and the result is truly marvellous.

I played Hitman: Go on my nexus 7 a year ago and burned through the 90 odd levels that offered nail biting experience. Yes, that’s possible even in a board-style game on a mobile platform.

But Square Enix, the developing company, has announced that Hitman will land on the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift and will offer the same experience with enhanced features exclusive to the virtual reality world. The minimalistic board style game will be available from today on the oculus store and will cost $8 for the Gear VR version and $10 for the oculus rift version.

The expensive version of the game has advanced features such as 90 fps and seamless head tracking that add to the overall experience. This is simply impossible on the Gear VR version owing to its hardware restrictions.

Similar to the mobile version, the Hitman: Go VR will have 90 levels that start slowly but pick up the pace as you progress with the addition of abilities such as throwing stones and stealth assassination.

Some of the scenarios have been inspired from the console games such as Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Contracts. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing and the transition to the mobile screen is unsuspecting and very smooth. If you have played the game on the mobile front, I would definitely advise to try it out on the Gear VR as the experience is entirely different and refreshing from playing on a tiny screen compared to a big screen in front of your eyes.

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