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Android N Won’t Support 3d Touch, Will The Note 6?

Latest news from Android land is that the upcoming flavour of the world’s most popular operating system is foregoing the support for the 3d touch or what others call as pressure sensitive display. Recode has let this information out but failed to mention why google has taken this decision. It’s most likely that Google has been experiencing difficulties in baking the support to the entire operating system natively. But that doesn’t mean we will never see the 3d touch on android. Google plans to release this support as a part of the maintenance update in the form of Android 7.1.

Some of the manufacturers such as Huawei have already had this feature for as long as a year now. The 3d touch or pressure sensitivity of the display was invented by Apple for the iPhone 6s. The speciality of the feature is that it can recognize a normal touch and a hard press with the help of the pressure sensors beneath the display.

As a result of this, many options open up. For example, a normal touch opens up the camera app while the long press could display the options for a selfie camera or the video mode of the main camera. While google is leaving the feature alone, Samsung is expected to pick it up.

The Galaxy phones maker was supposed to include the feature in the Galaxy S7 but I guess there wasn’t enough time to make it work properly on the device. But Note 6 is an entirely different case. It comes a year after the 3d touch was introduced and Samsung has had enough time to bake the support. it would just need a separate API to include the feature across the user interface and apps but the question is: will it do that?

I am personally a huge admirer of the 3d touch and would definitely pick the Note 6 if it features such a pressure sensitive display. I am really excited with what Samsung could do with such a feature.