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The Galaxy Phones May Come in A New Blue Coral Color

Galaxy-Note-7-logoApple has done it in the past. It introduced new colors such as gold and rose gold that made the consumers flock to the store to get them before they are gone. Samsung is doing the same now. It is giving a new paint job to the upcoming Galaxy phones specifically the Note 7. The color is called as blue coral. That a fancy name for deep blue.

This was discovered by GalaxyClub.nl and have posted an image of the same that looked like a filing for registering the product.

Evan Blass, the notorious tipster, infamous for leaking deep information about the products before they were officially introduced has recently leaked the logo of the upcoming Note phone. It mentions the name “Galaxy Note 7” but the Note 7 words are specifically in a blue color leading the tech experts to believe that this will be the exact color of what the coral blue will be.Note-7-840x206

This isn’t the first time, Samsung has been tinkering with the blue color in the past. Last year’s Galaxy S6 came in blue topaz. It was like the darkest blue that I have ever seen and the Galaxy S5 also has magnetic blue which I frankly feel was attractive though many might disagree with me.

The reason for the introduction of a new color is to bring in some excitement for the smartphone since specs are hardly the factor that attracts the consumers anymore. Chinese manufacturers have made sure of that. Apart from that, Samsung also wants the Note series of phone to have a different identity from the s-series. Hence introducing a new color will achieve that aim to a certain extent.

The phone is also rumored to have 256GB of internal capacity and will feature a Usb Type-C Port.


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