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Gear VR Lets Vulnerable Drivers Experience the Dreadfulness of Road Rash

samsung-gear-vr-thumb-2-1200x0Driving the first car or getting your provisional license is an emotional moment for many. It marks the first steps into the adult life but the young drivers are often ill prepared for the horrors that take place every day due to road rage. To help this peculiar problem, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue came up with an idea of using the gear VR to let the young experience these horrors first hand via virtual reality so that they grow up to be responsible drivers in the future.

This Gear VR experience was so real that most of the participants have had an elevated heart rate and showed signs of fear.

This is good according to the emergency service personnel as they believe this experience will contemplate the young drivers to take extra care on the road to avoid fatal accidents that cause life-threatening damages or even multiple deaths in certain cases.

The method in itself is a unique one. It puts the drive in the first person view when the accident takes place and while getting the medical treatment. Some videos also show the user being cut out of a smashed car with grave injuries.

Road rage is a serious problem with thousands of deaths being reported worldwide every year. Most of them involve drivers who are below the age of 24. So the extra effort put into this idea might help save hundreds of lives.

Helping them in this effort is oculus and Samsung’s gear VR with their hardware and software services.