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Gear VR Is Available in India for $15 But There’s a Catch

samsung_gear_vr_press_imageSamsung has offered a free Gear VR headset to anyone who pre-ordered the newest flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in the united states. In a similar move, Samsung is also giving away a Gear VR headset for peanuts to anyone who buys the above said devices within the month of May. The offer is extended until June 7th for users who make the purchase online.

The promotional offer isn’t official, though. Samsung India hasn’t commented on the price discount on the virtual reality headset. This deal is offered by a Mumbai-based retailer. In Indian currency, the headset costs 990 inr with the discount. That’s pretty inexpensive considering the retail price of 8200 inr.

“In a Facebook post, the retailer explains that users can redeem the offer through My Galaxy app on Samsung India eStore. It adds consumers will have to enrol in My Galaxy app and redeem coupon on Samsung eStore by June 30 to get the benefit. Unfortunately, Samsung India is yet to make any such announcement on the Gear VR discount.” NDTV points out.

As far as the Gear VR headset is concerned, it plunges the user into the virtual reality world with the help of a compatible handset like the members of Galaxy S6 family, S7 family and the Note 5. Samsung has partnered with oculus to create the Gear VR and an app store with loads of VR games and apps.

We also receive news that new version of the Gear VR is currently under development in Samsung land and will be unveiled alongside the Note 6 within the next few months. The upcoming headset is set to be native and will work without plugging in a smartphone. Samsung has also put in the USB type c port making it future proof and inbuilt display to make the headset easy to use.

Stay tuned for more offers and information.

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