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Bedtime VR Stories Is a Perfect Example That the Future Has Arrived

samsung-vr-bedtime-stories-hed-2016Samsung is creating a ton of apps off late and most of them are something that you wouldn’t believe were possible before. Bedtime VR stories is one of them. This app is a perfect example how technology can enhance the lives of humans and reduced the physical distance and place all of them in a same virtual world giving you a sense of closeness.

Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories is a wonderful idea where a child wears a cute VR headset and the parent, who also wears a Gear VR, narrates a story that takes place right in front of the child’s eyes and in Samsung’s own words, this is the most wonderful place to be.

This idea and the app is still in prototype stage and Samsung is currently testing it among select UK families and hasn’t announced a release date.

“Sharing a bedtime story is incredibly special. But longer working days and hectic schedules make this harder to do. At Samsung, we believe that technology should bring us closer together. That’s why we developed Bedtime VR Stories, so parents and children can enjoy a story together, even when they’re apart. Using individual VR headsets, the app creates a VR story environment where parent and child can see and interact with each other, for an immersive shared experience. Bedtime VR Stories is currently being developed for full release.” Samsung’s representative said.

This isn’t the first idea from Samsung that has impressed me. There is also another concept app that is called as “Voices of Life” that aims to ease the pain a premature baby is subjected to and attempts to recreate the atmosphere of the womb. The mother who is at home can sing lullabies, let the child hear her heartbeat and even talk to the baby remotely through a speaker place near to the baby. According to researchers, this will help the baby in having a healthy brain development and avert mental and physical disabilities to a large extent.

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