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Gear VR Is Now Compatible with WebVR, An Immersive Web Browsing Format.

samsung-gear-vr-1400Most of the users do not know that the Gear VR can be used to surf the web apart from playing games and watching movies. Samsung has added the ability to browse the web with the Gear VR headset mounted. But that was somewhat lacklustre. Now the Korean tech giant has included the feature to surf the web in an immersive way, WebVR.

What this does is that the webpages and supported content will be fully immersive and watching videos on a webpage is cooler than ever.

Samsung internet for Gear VR is now updated which bring the support for mobile browsing and improved VR video.

“Connecting Gear VR to your mobile device with any Web page or full-screen video open on Samsung Internet for Android will let you continuously view the same contents using Samsung Internet for Gear VR,” Samsung explains on its developer blog.

Samsung is quick to warn the users that this is an experimental project and can break things as it isn’t fully ready. Expect a few bugs and not so smooth experience while using the application. To experience this, Samsung says that you will have to enable it manually.

The webpages will automatically be shown in WebVR once the handset is attached to the Gear VR headset. Samsung internet for Gear VR also supports advanced features such as Quick Access, Video History and Gaze Mode.

Looks like Samsung wants to reinvent the web and that a good thing for virtual reality fans.

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