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Good Lock Completely Redesignes the Lock Screen On the Galaxy S7

lkxkqvsvd1Samsung has great hardware in the form of the Galaxy S7 and its edge counterpart. But the software is its Achilles heel. TouchWiz has evolved into a great User interface over the years but is still behind the iOS that ooze simplicity and efficiency. Samsung wants to change that. Good lock is a different take on the lock screen and can be seen as a product of Samsung’s alter ego.

With the latest update, Samsung added bunch of additional features to the already excellent app. with these, the lock screen has improved its functionality in a major way and has become a powerful alternative for people who like their phone to stand out.

Good lock replaces the TouchWiz lock screen and brings in advance functionality, quick access widgets. It also keeps certain notifications visible into a notifications shade straight from stock Android.samsung-good-look-adictoalandroide

Certain problem such as regular location prompt and microSD card problem along with others have been eliminated. Other bugs have also been squashed with this update.

I have used the good lock and wondered whether this is the direction that Samsung wants the TouchWiz to take?

It would really help Samsung if that is the case.

The update brings the following functionality.

  • Added swipe gesture to delete in Recent App
  • Fixed issue that SD card is not working
  • Removed Location Prompt infinitely
  • Removed blur effect for notification panel for better performance
  • Added charging recognition Added mute status bar indicator
  • Fixed Home button bug in Recent App
  • Fixed too loud capture sound
  • Fixed Wi-Fi on/off error during using Routine
  • Fixed FC during using Routine
  • Added Brightness bar in first depth in Quick Panel
  • Fixed Auto Update bug after uninstall Apply Hiding Notification contents setting in Lock Screen
  • Fixed Camera Shortcut without Secure Code Change Default clock style