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Iris Scanner Might Debut with The Note 6

phpzvtqv4Samsung hit the sweet spot with the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge. But it has no plans to lift the foot off the accelerator. We are receiving news that the Note 6 could come with a host of new features and could be the most powerful phone ever.

The most exciting rumour for me is the iris scanner. A fingerprint scanner is used in most smartphones to secure the phone itself and the sensitive data it holds but hackers are regularly known for replicating a fingerprint to unlock the phone. But with the iris scanner, it is virtually impossible to open the phone without scanning the retina of the user’s eye. This method might be the most secure one out there.

Galaxyclub has revealed a component called as “iris cam” that has been shipped to India where Samsung is known for testing new components and phones rigorously.

There is also news that the Note 6 will come with the same water and dust resistant design found in the Galaxy S7 family. It would be particularly hard for Samsung to seal the phone as the note phones come with a slot for the S-pen that digs deep into the phone internals.

The Note 6 is also touted to be one of the first flagship phones that will have 6 GB of RAM. Samsung usually reserves the note phones to up the ante in the hardware department and the s-series phones for the camera and design innovations. This phone might also come with a 256 GB of storage capacity but still the expandable storage option will be made available.

Some rumours also pointed out that the phone could be modular (you can swap come components and add a few like the LG G5) and might make an appearance as soon as august.

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