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T-Mobile rolling out final Galaxy Note 7 update

Galaxy Note 7 update putting the device at rest permanentlyThe Korean Giant, Samsung, has recently trying to put the Galaxy Note 7 to rest permanently. They’ve started with releasing updates worldwide which final goal is to make the phone unusable. Until now, there have been updates in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The update in these countries disabled the phone’s WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth capabilities.

When it comes to the USA, there has recently been final update release dates for the US carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. T-Mobile are the only one who officially announced that they will release the update today on December 27th.

The update will be providing an on-screen notification saying that the phone needs to be recalled. It comes in at version N930TUVU2APL2. Alongside, the update will prevent the phone from charging. There is also an update that Samsung released and which limits the phone’s charging capability to 60 percent.

The first death note announcer for the Note 7 in the US are T-Mobile. Next will be AT&T which have set the killing time for the Note 7 on January 5th. Sprite have set the date for January 8th. The company that tried to resist for releasing of this update, Verizon, have also lowered down their weapons, and set a release date on January 5th.

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