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Refurbished Note 7 might be called Galaxy Note FE

Refurbished Note 7 might be called Galaxy Note FEThere have been multiple confirms from Samsung that they will soon release a refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7. The refurbished variant will come with a smaller battery and it is going to be sold in select markets only. The brand name of the device and its cost is yet to be confirmed from Samsung.

In previous reports, we’ve heard rumors that the device might be called the Galaxy Note 7R. The name makes sense because of the letter R, which may stand for Refurbished. There are also some leaked images showing the letter R on the bottom of the device.

But now, we have another report coming from South Korea, saying that the device might actually have the name Galaxy Note FE. As it is reportedly said, the FE might stand for “Fan Edition”. It might not be such a bad idea, but still, somehow the Note 7R is more favorized.

The need for changing the name is of a great need for Samsung, as they don’t want to stick with the inglorious name it already has. The FE moniker is also an example that the device will be really for those who are fans to the Galaxy Note 7. The other specs of the device will remain the same, only the battery capacity will be lower.

Still, none of this information are yet confirmed by Samsung. Some rumors also say that the price of the device might cost half of the original device had.

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