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Device hacking at its finest – Galaxy S7 with 2 SIM and SD card

Device hacking is all about bringing more features to a device that doesn’t have them out of the box. A small group of device hackers, got the Galaxy S7 to work dual SIM and SD card simultaneously.

Before the Note7 launched, there were rumors that on certain markets it has Dual SIM and in others only a microSD card slot. Some may not even need a second SIM slot, but there are some that will gladly use even triple SIMs.

Couple of days ago, a video immerged on YouTube by REWA Technology, demonstrating how to hack the Samsung Galaxy S7 to use two SIM cards and SD card simultaneously.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  • Put in a SIM card and a Micro SD card
    • Insert the SIM card tray into the phone and power on. You will see there is a SIM card and an 8GB SD card.
    • Power off and remove the SIM card tray
    • File down the raised edge of Micro SD card. Make sure you don’t damage the circuit inside the chip.
    • Clean the Micro SD card with N-hexane
    • Scrap a layer off the Micro SD card until the words on the back side are invisible.
    • Blow the SIM card with hot air gun.
    • Separate the chip from SIM card with tweezers.
    • Clean off the glue on SIM chip with N-hexane.
    • File down the raised part on the back of the chip. (Do not damage the circuit inside the chip. SIM card thickness is about 0.37mm. Take note of the right location of SIM chip.
    • Put in the SD card and make a sigh on Micro SD card where should SIM chip should be located.
    • Smear a layer of 502 blue on marked SD card.
    • Adhere SIM chip to Micro SD card (Mind the direction of SIM chip. The thickness of new unibody Micro SD card with SIM chip is about 1.26mm.)
    • Install the new unibody Micro SD card and insert it carefully and slowly into the phone.
    • Power on the phone and check.

The triple cards installation is a success. Now, it uses two SIM cards and an 8Gb SD card.