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Pearl black Galaxy S7 Edge is now available

Pearl BlackYou have been thinking of buying a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but can’t decide which color to get? Well now Samsung will make that decision harder with the new Pearl Black version. Currently this variant is available in India with a little higher price tag. All other variants are Rs. 50.900 ($750 US) and the new pearl black is Rs. 56.900 ($840 US).

This higher price is not only for the new color. This variant comes with more storage. It has 128GB of space while all other colors come with only 32GB.

The new device is available for purchase on Samsung’s websites right now, but shipments start on December 30th. Samsung is also offering a one-time screen replacement for this handset and a discount on the Gear VR headset.

Be sure to check all offers on the company’s website!