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Galaxy S7 Owners Get Free in Game Bonuses to Kick Start Their Gaming Campaign

1SAA0100It’s a known fact that the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge are phones that are at the top of the hardware game. When the phones were released, Samsung positioned the handsets as portable gaming devices that have great displays and enough muscle to run any game that you throw at them.

In fact, Samsung went on to say that their latest flagships were capable of Xbox 360 level graphics. It even bundled the handset with a game launcher. This launcher will let you play any game in a very optimised way that includes feature like twiddle with detail settings, disable interrupting notifications, or even record themselves while playing.

Now Samsung is taking the gaming on these handsets a notch up by offering free in game bonuses for 16 freemium games that include blockbusters like the Hearthstone and Asphalt 8. For example, this offer will get you the multiplayer mode in the Badland game without any extra cost while other have to pay for it as an in-app purchase.

These game are offered as a pack from the Galaxy store but you can also avail the offer if you download them from the play store.

“It’s a special package created just for your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. Be it building empires, defeating evil or winning big games, it’s all yours for the taking. There’s a lot more on offer than what’s on this page. The question is, are you game? Only available on Galaxy Apps!” Samsung said.

This is Samsung’s way of introducing gaming to the user on its handsets and it hopes to uncover the potential the handsets have to offer.