Samsung has announced ages ago that many of its flagship phones within the past 2 years’ time frame will receive the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow upgrade. That upgrade is now finally available on the Note 4. Before you rejoice, let me clarify that the only the international version of the Note 4 with the model number N910C is getting the update. Other phones that are carrier locked will be able to run Android Marshmallow once the carrier approves it.

The handset that was release in the year 2014 has been showing signs of its age but it is by no means a slow phone. The latest version of the handset actually speeds up the phone and breaths a new lease of life. The internal version of the handset was powered by a custom Exynos soc while the Note 4 in the north America has snapdragon chips in them.

The update weighs in at 1.3 GB. This is smaller than the previous updates but will include tons of features from Google as well as Samsung.

People who installed the Marshmallow update say that their handset feels completely new with the brand new operating system and is providing a fresh experience. Samsung has cooked in a doze mode that will essentially elongate the battery life while stopping the background apps. Google’s now on tap and advance permission controls are something to look forward. Not only that, with the tweaks and optimizations, the Note 4 now feels much faster all the while consuming less battery and runs longer.

It also brings in 200 new emojis that lets you express yourself in new ways.

The update wouldn’t be complete with the addition of features to the S-pen. The memo feature in the Note 5 that allows a user to take Notes on the screen while the phone is off is available on the Note 4 along with additional features.

Stay tuned for more updates.