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The Galaxy S7 Has a Video Recording Problem and It’s a Big Deal

The Galaxy S7 has the best camera in the smartphone world. but user across the globe are reporting that the slow motion video capturing is posing a peculiar problem. This issue plagued an isolated group of a user but the outcry in the forums revealed that the entire user base who use the Galaxy S7 powered by the snapdragon 820 is affected by this problem.

Owners of the Galaxy S7 with the Exynos 8890 haven’t reported the problem as of now. The specific issue causes the video to stutter while recording at 240 fps in slow motion. People have tried several tweaks (changing the storage method from internal to external microSD card and vice versa) to eliminate the problem but it still persists.

Some users have pointed out that attempting to save the high quality, high frame rate video to a slow microSD card can create this problem irrespective of the chipset that powers the phone.

Many users are offering different solutions but nothing works as of yet. Samsung is mum on this issue but I believe it is working on the issue and will resolve as soon as possible via a software update or a driver update.

“Wow, this really sucks. It’s one of my favourite features,” reported one Reddit user, who was first to report the problem. “There are several videos where the slow motion is really choppy and skips a lot.”

The snapdragon 820 based Galaxy S7 is sold in the united states and china while the rest of the world receives the Exynos 8890 based Galaxy S7.

Watch the video below to see the problem in action.

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