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Voices of Life App Reinvents the Relation Between a Mother and Her Premature Baby

Samsung-Voices-of-Life-2Samsung is providing a new way a mother interacts with her child who has been born before the time was ripe. These premature babies have to struggle a lot before they can survive to the environment outside the womb. In turn, they naturally develop mental and learning disabilities.

Researchers have pointed out that this could be due to the lack of warmth that a newborn has to get from his/her mother. Samsung new app, voices of life helps ease the discomforts of such premature babies and also the pain a mother experiences when she has to go home without a child in her hand from the hospital.

Samsung’s setup contains a speaker in the incubator where premature babies are placed. The mother who is at her home can talk to her child and sing lullabies that can comfort the child with a familiar voice. This app even captures the heartbeat of the baby’s mother and sounds it to them. to safeguard the baby, the app eliminates any high-frequency sound that can cause distress.

Doctors say that this setup helps in two ways. First is that the app helps a mother be with her baby virtually when they cannot be there physically. Second is that the sounds needed for healthy brain development are provided artificially.

The idea of placing a speaker inside the incubator and the app is to recreate the atmosphere that a baby is familiar inside the womb. The voices of life app can be used remotely and the speaker helps in connecting the baby with her mother’s voice.

It isn’t clear whether this project from Samsung has been completed and if it is, the availability is unknown. If I had such a premature baby, then I would dearly hope to read him some stories even though if it is through an electronic gadget.