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Gear 360 Modified to Work with Non-Samsung Phones

Samsung-Gear-360-Virtual-Reality-Camera-01Gear 360 was one of the most exciting devices that were shown at the Mobile World Congress this year. I craved for one and still cannot lay my hands on one from where I reside. In my previous posts, I have mentioned that the Gear 360 could become one of the most important tech pieces of the decade as the craze for the virtual reality and 360-degree content steadily grows.

The baseball shaped device was backed by Samsung and it even offered tutorials to shoot the compatible content. But there was one issue, the Gear 360 isn’t a standalone device and will need a smartphone companion app to work. Since it was made by Samsung, naturally the 360 camera was compatible with a Samsung phone. Now a tech enthusiast seems to have taken  a fancy for the device as he made it compatible with pretty much every phone that runs Android 5.0 or higher. What more, with the modification, the Gear 360 also gains the ability to shoot 4k videos.

The modification was done to the Gear 360 manager app which was allowed to install only on a Samsung phone up until now. The port of the Gear 360 manager will allow the application to be run on all Android phone meeting the above-mentioned specifications. The device lock that was in place has been eliminated and phones from Sony, LG and Huawei can now control the 360-degree recording device.

The other modification is the forced 4k support. Earlier, Gear 360 recorded 4k video but downgraded it to 2k for conserving the storage space but that limitation too has been lifted so that professionals can record raw 4k footage.

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