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Note 7 Will Be Expensive, Really Really Expensive

galaxy-note-7-will-run-android-6-0-1-the-device-is-powered-by-the-quad-core-processor-of-snapdragon-820-along-with-a-graphics-processor-unit-adreno-540Insiders have leaked pretty much everything about the Note 7 that is there to know. While I thought that the price of the handset will be similar to its predecessors, I was thoroughly mistaken. Leaks from trusted sources have mentioned that the starting price of the Note 7 will be at a staggering EUR 849. If you live in other parts of the world, let me explain that the Note 5 was launched in the united states for $749 for the base model but the upcoming Note 7 will be more expensive. Maybe $850 but my bet is on the launch price of $800.

This higher price tag is attributed to 3 reasons mainly. The first among them is the dual Edge display. Samsung has eliminated the flat screen variant and all the Note 7 models will ship with the dual Edge display by default. The second is that the phone is tipped to start with a memory capacity of 64GB instead of the usual 32 GB. Samsung usually charges $100 more if you upgrade the memory. The third is the addition of the microSD card slot. While this isn’t a premium feature, the ability has been requested by many. All these features add a worth of at least $200 and Samsung is about to justify the increase in price of $50 by pointing towards $200 worth of additional features that the Note 7 will carry.

If that is the case, then I wonder if the 128GB capacity will cost $900 and the rumored 256 GB variant will command a price of $1000. That’s huge, even for the Note series phone.

When all other manufacturers are reducing their price of the flagships, how justified is this price hike from Samsung?