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Samsung Trumps Apple As The S7 Outsells IPhone 6s

Galaxy-S7-Edge-vs-iPhone-6s-plus-3of18-840x473Apple has reported last quarter that the iPhone sales have, for the first time since its launch 10 years ago, declined and warned even more bad news the coming quarter. This seems to have worked for Samsung in the perfect way as the data analysis from Kantar Worldpanel has reported that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge duo have managed to outsell the iPhone 6s and 6s plus twins in the united states, the home turf of Apple.

The report has also indicated that 16% of the total phone shoppers have opted for the S7 or the Edge variant while 14.6% have chosen the iPhone. Sure, the iPhone 6s was released long back and the S7 is relatively new to the market but these figures indicate a changing trend where the iPhone loyal fan base is shrinking owing to the incremental upgrades that Apple packs into the next generation iPhone while Samsung has been stuffing as much tech and innovation as possible into its flagships.

Of the total smartphone sales, Samsung managed to capture 37% as opposed to Apple’s 29%. This has been possible due to the excellent advertisement of the high-end features such as the Gear VR compatibility that are absent in the Apple ecosystem.

The top of the line camera and the excellent AMOLED display seems to have helped the cause

On the flipside, Things are still looking gloomy for Apple as leaks point out that the next iPhone will be very similar to the existing one while Samsung is preparing for a fresh onslaught in the form of the Note 7.