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Hulu Steps into Virtual Reality with A Gear VR App

Hulu, the popular video streaming service, wants to be popular even in the virtual reality world. This is the first VR app from Hulu and it is available for the Gear VR. This app was announced last September but is finally seeing the light of the day now. Company executives have announced that the delay was deliberate as they wanted the app to offer solid VR content and didn’t want the users to have a washed down experience.

The Hulu VR app is available for download via Gear VR oculus store.

Apart from regular content from Hulu, there are also 30 non-exclusive 360-degree videos from sources like Discovery, National Geographic, and Showtime. The VR media is available free of cost as of now but Hulu has announced that it is considering several ways to generate revenue from it.

“Hulu’s also commissioned an exclusive short called “The Big One” that lets you experience a cataclysmic meteor shower in 360 degrees,” Theverge reported

The parent company has also indicated that it is planning several original content shows for the VR and will announce them at a later stage. Other popular video streaming service, Netflix, also has a Gear VR app and other virtual reality apps but they currently don’t offer 360-degree videos.

The interesting thing about this app is that when you put on the headset, it will transport you to a digital room inside a fancy penthouse and the menu is presented on a huge digital screen.

But we have to see how users will react to this app.


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