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Gear VR Is Helping People in Unexpected Ways

Launching-People-BeFearless-of-Heights_4Samsung has kick-started a #befearless campaign that helps people conquer their worst nightmares using the Gear VR headset and a few apps. The Korean company has found a way to cure people of their fear in a very innovative method opening up new possibilities that were simply not possible before.

As Samsung has mentioned, it has created a VR simulation program that will recreate scenarios that instil fear in an individual such as the fear of height or the stage fear. The simulated program puts you in this fearful situation and simultaneously guide you in overcoming your fear.

Of the entire group that has taken part in the fear of height program, about 90% of them were able to overcome their fear and could make a bungee jump but this time, they actually enjoyed the real experience.

Samsung is using the Entrim 4d headset that will recreate the necessary sound experience to make the virtual world feel like a real one.

In a similar experiment, Samsung trained a few people using the virtual world who were afraid to speak in a group. The end result after the training was that most of them can now confidently speak on a stage in front of a large group without any hesitation or stammer.

“This generation does not define themselves by what they have, but by what they do,” says Wain Choi, chief creative officer at Cheil Worldwide, in a statement accompanying the new campaign’s launch. “They are experience seekers who want to discover new and amazing things, live experiences they never thought possible. Through Samsung Gear VR, anyone can reach their full potential. We all have what it takes inside us, but sometimes we can use a little help.”

My wife scares me a lot. Hope Samsung can cure me of my nightmare with the Gear VR.

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