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Samsung Is Building a Custom OS for The Internet of Things

samsung-smart-things-iotSamsung is big time into the internet of things that will power the smart homes of the future. It already has SmartThings that allows you to control various devices in your home, like the sound system, lighting system, heating system, laundry machine, coffee machine etc. but this isn’t enough for Samsung as its sets out on a path to create a true operating system for the internet of things. The good thing is that this unnamed OS will be open source enabling developers to take full advantage of it.

With an aim to power millions of homes in the future, Samsung has collaborated with the windows maker, Microsoft, to bring this OS to life. Some experts believe that it will be based on Tizen OS and will be an alternate version of it.

This special OS will help the compatible devices to execute tasks without any human intervention like starting a coffee machine once you wake up in the morning, shutting off the lights the moment you leave the house etc.

More details will be revealed at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco next month.

“It is estimated that there will be 20 million IoT devices by 2020 and, like in the early days of mobile phones, there is a proliferation of proprietary, competing operating systems from all the major vendors,” the company wrote in its conference session agenda. “This fragmentation will challenge developers who are trying to get their apps into the marketplace. In this session, Samsung will announce our new, open-source IoT real-time operating system (RTOS), which has a wide scope of features while maintaining a lightweight and efficient footprint.”

The OS will allow different devices following different standards to work together. Thus eliminating the fragmentation problem and unifying different internet of things platforms like Google’s Brillo or ARM’s mbed.