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Google’s Daydream VR Will Kill the Gear VR and Samsung Is Helping It

google-daydream-vr-796x476Google, at its I/O developer conference, announced its concept for virtual reality that is aimed for mass consumption. I must say that I am impressed with the idea of the Nintendo’s Wii like remote that will act as an input device. The daydream VR will release later this year and when it does, the Gear VR will become obsolete.

Why not, the Gear VR is an excellent device but you need an expensive Samsung flagship to use the virtual reality headset. Not everyone in India and brazil can afford such as a phone. the cardboard VR was an excellent concept that introduced many to their first VR experience but was too minimalistic to offer anything else.

Google set out on a path to bring VR to masses and born out of this desire is the Daydream VR. a virtual reality headset that is compatible with many Android smartphones and Google is betting big on its success. The price of the device is pegged to be at Gear VR’s $99 or lower to get as many people on-board as possible.google-daydream-vr-004-720x720

But the real success of this project depends on its execution and the experience it has to offer.

Sure the Daydream VR would never be able to compete with the like of oculus rift but it doesn’t have to. It caters to an entirely different audience and has different goals and experiences.

Most of the manufacturers have pledged their support and chief among them is Samsung. Google might have forced Samsung into this but Samsung sure knows that this will signal the death of the Gear VR if it doesn’t do something radically different in the next version.


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