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Microsoft and Oculus Bring Minecraft to Gear VR

Minecraft, the game that is hugely popular on consoles and PC is now entering the virtual reality space. Oculus and Microsoft have demoed this game that uses blocks to build a digital world on the virtual reality front. Minecraft is available on every platform possible and since virtual reality is the next big thing in the gaming world, it makes perfect sense for the game to arrive on the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift Headset.

The game that will be available is not the full version of the original game but rather a pocket version. Game creator Mojang has ported the game for the Gear VR. While that may put-off a few people, experiencing the game in the virtual world, even the pocket version of the title, provides a never before experience of building your own world out of the blocks.

It’s disappointing that the release date of the VR version hasn’t been announced but the game should pack loads of fun whenever it releases.

Minecraft for VR will release on the Gear VR before the Oculus Rift and Samsung intends the game to get popular among the VR users. This VR version will not redefine the gaming experience but would rather provide the much-needed improvement in the surroundings as well as the structures being built while playing. All that is much more immersive with the Gear VR.

But not everything is perfect. The demos have revealed that the game is far from perfect. There is the issue of an awkward camera, that is fine on a TV screen but uncomfortable on a VR headset. The inventory and health menu are also causing problems along with smaller texts.

The oculus rift version of the game is much improved since the game runs on a more powerful hardware compared to a Galaxy S7 stuck onto a Gear VR headset. Still Minecraft for Gear VR is essential in pushing the VR gaming into the masses.

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