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Samsung’s TabPro S releases today for $899.99


update: The keyboard cover is included in the retail package and consumers do not have to shell out extra cash for it.

Samsung surprised everyone by introducing a tablet with an attached keyboard. You may think there is nothing special about that but the most distinguishing feature of this tablet is that it runs full windows 10, a desktop operating system. This tablet that has been making news for some time will finally be available today for a starting price of $899.99

Like the surface pro 4 and the iPad pro, the Galaxy TabPro S is extremely portable and the 12-inch display with 2160×1440 resolution is very capable. Samsung is selling the keyboard separately for $170 which is disappointing. Samsung is also speculated to be preparing a Bluetooth stylus dubbed as c-pen similar to the s-pen for the note series of its Galaxy phones for enhanced productivity.

So the important question is Can the Galaxy TabPro S replace your existing computer?Galaxy-TabPro-S-Spec-Final-2

Well for most parts, it can replace your laptop. The Galaxy TabPro S is itself not very powerful but it is more than suitable for basic tasks such as web surfing, word processing and media consumption. With its portable design and lightweight, this tablet serves well and the power of full desktop operating system helps it. The processor is the Core-M that has 2.2 GHz clock speed coupled with 4GB of RAM.

But things start to heat up when you run heavy applications on the Galaxy TabPro S.

The keyboard has nothing special in it. Forget playing call of duty on this machine, but this device can run some basic games and nothing more than that. Video editing will struggle and the specs don’t help it either.

As mentioned, if you are a journalist like me and want a worthy machine, the Galaxy TabPro S could be your choice. For other stuff, there are more capable tablets out there but you might have to shell out a little more for them.

Additional features include a breakout box accessory that will add additional ports to the tablet and there is also the ability to unlock your PC by using the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S7. Phone Notifications can also be pushed onto the tablet but these features will be available via a future software update.