Samsung has designed what tech reviewers arguably call as the best smartwatch till date in the form of the Gear S2. This smartwatch matches the Apple watch head to head and does more. But there was something that Samsung couldn’t match with the wearable made by Apple, the gold version from the Cupertino company that costs anywhere between $10,000 and $17,000. But that’s until now.

During the Baselworld 2016, the world’s biggest expo for timepieces and jewellery, Samsung showed off a variant of Gear S2 that looks like it has diamond for pimples. Samsung has partnered with Swiss luxury jeweller, De Grisogono, to make the diamond version of the Gear S2.

Samsung has mentioned that it had to use precious elements such as rose gold as well as diamonds. The speciality of this edition is that there are more than 100 black and white diamonds embedded in the watch. The De Grisogono Gear S2 also comes with a special band that is made of Grisogono’s signature galuchat (a type of leather) and few software watch faces to match the exterior of the device.

But the guts of this Gear S2 exactly matches a normal Gear S2’s. No fancy diamonds in the internal. One of the design element that struck me the most is the rotating bezel. There are now several diamonds on the ring making it look like a piece of jewellery (which it is), but rotates and works as smoothly as ever even with all the flashy stones.

It’s a shame that Samsung has not mentioned the price of the smartwatch. But it did mention that this digital timepiece is a limited edition smartwatch and will be available this summer. I hope the price doesn’t match the cost of the Apple watch edition. In any case, I can only dream of buying such a device and so do most of you.