Samsung Gear VR

As most of you know Samsung had introduced the Gear VR for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge a few weeks ago but nothing new has been added to the device.

The CEO of Oculus, John Carmack noted that the company is looking to use Samsung’s marketing power around the next major release of the Gear VR in September. Plus now the USPTO has published documents that show the features that could become a part of the new Gear VR headsets.

Gear VR 1

Apart from the disclosure of the features this new document also highlights how more hardware components can be used in the new Gear VR to make it more useful. This new document basically mentions the use of hologram display or a projector to display visuals, a camera module, a sensor module, storage, RAM and many other forms of wired and wireless connectivity options.

This new patent has been filed by Samsung and was filed in the last quarter of 2014. This also means that the products that will actually use these new features and technologies might be quite far from release.

Gear VR 2