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The Gear 360 Is Finally Available

IMG_7064Samsung has been teasing the capabilities of the Gear 360 and the Gear VR since they were shown to the world at the Mobile World Congress. Samsung has been mum on the pricing as well as the availability. But we now confirm the Samsung has brought the Gear 360 to the land of opportunity but will set you back by $350.

This looks more like a trial run before a full blown launch event as Samsung has mentioned that the Gear 360 will be available in very limited quantities until the end of the year.

The virtual reality enthusiasts can finally lay their hands on the product for their content. Apart from that, Samsung has also launched a dedicated website that will host the VR videos shot by various customers. But we know that the virtual reality is a new tech and not everyone is familiar with it. Samsung doesn’t want that to be a setback. It has also launched an exclusive service called as Samsung creators where it teaches the participants about the VR tech, how it can reshape the mobile experience and how to shoot these pictures or videos in a professional manner.

If you are new to the VR world, then know that the Gear 360 is a spherical camera the size of a cricket ball. It has two cameras facing opposite directions and shoots 180-degree videos each. The software later stitches these 2 videos into a single 360 video or a photo so that the world around you can be captured in its entirety.

To enjoy these videos, you will need a VR headset though like the Gear VR or the Oculus Rift.

The product is first available in the United States but Samsung has also mentioned that it has plans to launch it in several countries in the coming months.

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