Samsung was at this year’s E3 Expo. It was strange for a mobile manufacturer to be present at the gaming mecca but the presence did not go unnoticed. It introduced the Gear VR games and a few top of the line gaming monitors with the partnership of Electronic Arts or EA. But there could be something more than meets the eye. Could Samsung be building a game console that is powered by android or Tizen?

First of all, the idea is very good. Android on traditional game console isn’t a new idea. NVidia shield does that and so does ouya. But the execution is very bad. This leaves the opportunity for Samsung to make inroads and create an ecosystem that is very similar to the Apple TV. But then again, android is filled with games and Samsung doesn’t have to do much on that front. The developers will keep on churning new games but the main problem will be the differentiating features. Nobody wants to play a game on a console when they can play the same on their tiny mobile screen. Samsung has the resources to bring in exclusive games which would not only offer a fresh experience on the TV but also compel the user to buy the console.

It could even make games in VR and make it compatible with the console. That could be a very different future from the one we currently imagine. The gaming industry is dominated by heavyweights like ps4, Xbox one and Nintendo Wii u. they have heavy hitting games like Uncharted, Halo, and Legend of Zelda. But Samsung could always build grounds up and slowly build up the game catalogue with brilliant games like limbo or the monument valley. I believe with the right resource input combined with virtual reality, gaming could be a real killer deal for Samsung.