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Galaxy S7 Active Has a Fatal Water-Resistance Flaw

2016-07-20-imageSamsung prides itself on the fact that their recent flagships phones are waterproof but one of them is not, despite hugely being advertised as a waterproof phone. The phone in question is the Galaxy S7 active. Yes, the same rugged phone series that is popular for its strength and dust resistance for years is now in the middle of a storm since the phones have been damaged when immersed in water under the same conditions that the manufacturing company has specified.

Samsung also came under heavy criticism for failing to conduct a rigorous pre-release test to ensure the quality of the product. Samsung, on its part, has denied the accusations and ensure us with a reply that the manufacturing flaw is isolated to a single batch and it has since identified and rectified the fault.

In case you have one of the affected S7 active, you can return it to AT&T or Samsung and get a brand new phone as a replacement if the phone is covered under the warranty.

“We found a problem in the production line that we were able to correct, we don’t want people to think there’s the necessity of returning their phone.” A spokesperson said on behalf of Samsung.

All the s7 active on the shelves have been manufactured in a facility located in Asia and the current phones already in circulation won’t be replaced. Owners with the affected phone will get a replacement if and only if they report to Samsung and ask for a replacement.