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Samsung Galaxy S8 to have an ‘all-screen’ design

Samsung S8 all-screen design
The biggest question in the upcoming 2017 year will be focused on how Samsung will recover after their failure with the Note 7. For now, their hope lies in their new model Galaxy S8 which Bloomberg reported that the phone will feature an ‘all-screen’ design.

Basically looking, all the smartphones nowadays have similar designs. For the looks, we are used to see the big screen, covered with glass, and right beneath that a black frame that surrounds the display. There are also cameras on both front and back side of the phone, as well as earpiece, proximity sensor and finally, the home button. So, Samsung decided to literally remove the home button. Like a template example, we can take the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone, which is closest to the picture we get from Samsung’s reports.

The good news is that the phone will still have a home button, but it will be virtual. His place on the phone will be buried in the glass in the lower section. So, with this report now comes the question if the smartphone will have capacitive key, like we’ve seen in some other smartphones like Alcatel for example. Or maybe the home button will be replaced with pressure-sensitive solution like Apple’s 3D Touch. However, there is still a future for Samsung and a space to recover from their loss. Bloomberg also reported that the next Samsung devices will be designed with a curved, ‘wraparound’ displays.

We also have reports of what the phone will include in his specifications. For the main chip, we have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 which was used before. The 835 chip is in an interest by Microsoft, who just announced that they will give the chip a support in a new program of bringing Windows x86 programs to ARM processors.

On the front design, Samsung are planning a new voice assistant, which as they promised will be differentiated from other voice assistants on the market.

Rumors also said that Samsung not only will retire their home button, but they will also remove the headphone jack, add a new USB-C port, and still keep the resolution same from 2016’s models.

The phone is set to be released in March but that it may be declined till April just because of the testing procedure. That surely is a smart move, as it seems they have learned their mistake from the last time.