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Samsung Is Bringing Back Some of the Most Wanted Features in A Phone

The leaks pointed at them. But still Samsung managed to impress everyone by bringing back some of the most asked for features in its flagship of 2016, the galaxy s7 and s7 edge. few of them included the waterproofing of the phone, expandable storage options and bigger battery.

Ok, I agree that everyone wanted the removable battery but Samsung has clarified that it would be difficult to make the battery removable with its glass and unibody metal construction. But it hopes that the bigger battery will satisfy the need of at least a few.

For comparisons, the battery in the galaxy s7 has been bumped to 3000 Mah from 2550 mah on the galaxy s6 and the s7 edge has a mammoth 3600mah one replacing the 2600 mah battery in the galaxy s6 edge. Samsung thanked a new technology that allowed it to cramp more “mah” into lesser space thereby increasing the overall capacity of the batteries.

Not only that, Samsung has also announced several wireless charging accessories so that your phone never dies on you.

Apart from that, the galaxy s7 is also waterproof. The rating attributed to the handset is the IP68. Samsung claims that the handset will stay unaffected for up to 30 minutes at a depth of a meter and a half in the water. Samsung has supposedly sealed the phone from the inside instead on the outside for better protection. As a result of this, there are ports such as the micro USB and headphone jack that are capless yet water and dust proof.

The galaxy s7 will only come in 32 GB of internal storage as of now. The inclusion of the expandable storage slot sure helped it in reducing the inventory stock. the camera on the s6 edge was already the best mobile camera on the market and Samsung is taking it even further with advanced technologies that take immersive low light photos and lightning fast autofocus.

stay tuned for more such updates.

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