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Galaxy X Could Be the Third Flagship from Samsung in 2017


samsung-galaxy--660x330Samsung has, for the past year, kept on decreasing the time gap between its 2 flagships, the s-series phone, and the note phones. we are now receiving reports that Samsung is planning to release 3 flagship phones in the year 2017. The S8 could come out in the month of February, note 7 could debut in June and we might actually see the rumoured Galaxy X in the time period of October-November.

This trend is going against the market prediction. The sales of flagships have slumped. The invincible iPhone also had to suffer a decline for the first time. but Samsung is doing the unthinkable by releasing more of the expensive phones but it remains to be seen how the Galaxy x would be different from the S8 and note 7 and the extra features it offers that are simply irresistible.

My bet is on the screen concept. Samsung has built the hype around the edge screen for the past 2 years and the Galaxy x could come with a 4K display or an entirely curved/bendable screen. Some reports have also indicated that the device can be folded like a wallet but that can only be confirmed by Samsung. Apart from the top of the line specs, the phone will have a different body as well as the functioning and is touted to offer smartphone experience like never before.Screenshot_20160513-131919-442x405

This strategy isn’t new. If you remember, LG has a phone called v10 that isn’t the flagship but offers specs that bests the LG g4 at the time of its launch and it sold well. the main attraction was the secondary screen on top of the main display that tickers information, notification and displays icons of most used apps.

We will have to wait for the official introduction for more information.