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Updated Always On Display Is Now Actually Useful


With the Galaxy S7, Samsung introduced to us the Always On Display. The speciality of this feature is that certain information such as time and date could always be displayed on the screen. People usually think that by displaying constant information, the battery life of the device gets reduced.

But on the contrary, I have seen that the life of the device actually increased considerably. I typically unlocked my phone about 100 times a day to check notifications and with the addition of Always On Display to my phone, I now unlock my phone about 40 times since the information I need is already being displayed. Samsung has used the super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S7 and this allowed it to illuminate only the pixels needed to display the information against the entire display panel and this saves precious battery power. But one setback was that we couldn’t set the timings for this always on feature and the displayed information was incomplete. That seems to be changing with the latest update.

Samsung has officially updated the feature with enhanced productivity that puts greater control in the user’s hands. We now have the option to schedule the timings of this display instead of just switching it on and off.

This saves battery life further by switching off this feature when you don’t use it and will automatically switch it on when you need it.

Another area where changes have been made is the night clock on the Galaxy S7 edge. We can now switch it on for a maximum of 18 hours against the 12 hours’ time period previously. If this feature overlaps with the always on display, then the phone will enter the default night mode.

Samsung has also removed the dual clock feature and added the world clock that can display the time of 4 regions simultaneously.

If you want this update, fire up the Galaxy app on the S7 or the S7 edge and select the Always On Display. Then update it.