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Samsung’s New TV Is Being Used as A Mirror in Premium Hair Salon

3-2Samsung new TV is being installed in a hair salon with the purpose of acting as a mirror. Before you think of anything, let me tell you that Samsung has a new television that is identical to a mirror or rather has a mirror finish on the top glass. The area where the information is not being displayed acts as a regular mirror.

Samsung has been experimenting with the likes of mirror and transparent TV for years now and it finally showed us a mirror TV concept last year. But Samsung announces that it is today unveiling the retail unit for the mirror TV and has installed four 55-inch units in a hair salon in south Korea. Boy, I must say that this sure makes the hair cutting sessions a lot more interesting.

Lots of information is displayed on the screen. Data like the dye colors, hairstyles, photos of latest celebrity haircuts. it even displays interesting tips for bored customers.

Samsung is preparing to sell these mirror televisions to businesses like fashion stores, boutiques, interior designing stores. The TV will begin to ship in the third quarter this year.

Many other barber shops have said that they plan to install such displays in their outlet to attract more consumers.

If you want to get the first-hand experience of this mirror display, then visit the Leekaja Hairbis’ salon at Lotte Department Store in Jamsil, Seoul.


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