Galaxy Note 8 to steal the iPhone 8’s limelight?

There are many leaked images and photos of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, which should be released later this year. On the pictures, we can see the design of the device and what it will feature. There are also leaks from it from what its specifications will be.

We all like it when we see some leaked images from the upcoming devices. That’s because we always want to knowledge things before they happen, or see them before they come out. From the images we see about the Note 8, we have several questions that needs answers.

In April this year, we saw the first ever leaked image of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. The phone was faced up on the front side. From the look of it, it looks pretty normal and that it has the well known Galaxy S8 design. Now, the real question lies in the back side of the device. When we look at it, it reminds us of the iPhone 8’s limelight design.

Samsung said that they’ve been working on a new technology that will allow to embed a fingerprint sensor into the display of the device. The company wanted to implement this on the Galaxy S8, but it didn’t happen. Recent reports now claim that the Galaxy Note 8 might be ready for such technology. But, from other leaks we received, we still see the fingerprint sensor on the back side of the device.

This Tuesday, a Chinese website called posted new leaked photo of the Note 8 that shows the back side of the device. On it we can see the dual-rear camera setup which has been rumored. But, the most interesting part is that we don’t see the fingerprint sensor. You can see the image below this paragraph.

Galaxy Note 8 to steal the iPhone 8’s limelight?

If this image turns out to be true, then the Note 8 will be the first smartphone from Samsung to feature a fingerprint sensor inside the display. The same technology though might be coming up for the iPhone 8, which is already in process.