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Samsung Has a Crazy Idea of a Smartwatch That Has Built-In Projector

Samsung is one crazy company that is always testing new and bizarre technologies. It was the pioneer of the large screen phone when the 3.5 inch displayed iPhone was a dominant force. But now is the era of wearable and smartwatch. There was much hype before they arrived and once they began to retail, people bought them like hot cakes.

But soon the aura faded and many people, including me, did not know what to do with the smartwatch. They were dead technological pieces sitting on the wrist and didn’t do much except to display the time. my $14 Timex could do that better without asking for a recharge daily.

The screen was tiny to do anything. Forget replying to emails and updating your status, except with the blurry voice commands, Manufacturers couldn’t even enlarge the size of the display as it made the entire smartwatch look bulky.

Here’s where Samsung idea comes into play. The screen stays tiny like everyone prefer but to reply to the emails and type in the search term, it will project a simpler user interface on the back of your hand.

The patent mentions that the smartwatch has the capabilities to detect the shape of your hand and display the projection so that it stays even. Samsung plans to display information, large keyboard, apps and even settings with this built-in projector.

The camera fitted into the smartwatch detects the region where your finger touches and then inputs the signal to the smartwatch. This is like the multi-touch interface on the smartphone but with an abstract concept.

“Samsung’s diagrams show the interface being used to provide a zoomed view of a map displayed on the watch and a larger dial pad. They also suggest that parts of the UI could even be projected onto the back of fingers, extending it even further.” Technobuffalo cited

This idea has its fair share of problems, though. Samsung has to build the projector and the camera into the wearable device that will add considerable bulk to the entire device and then there is the issue of battery life. These extra components are known for hogging the energy from the battery that will decrease the overall battery life, thus making the smartwatch less desirable.