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Gear S2 Will Finally Support iOS Devices at The End of This Month

samsung-gear-s2Samsung has been teasing that the excellent Gear S2 will soon work with an iPhone for a long time. but we now have concrete news that the iOS support will reportedly arrive on the Gear S2 smartwatch at the end of this month.

Samsung has confirmed the iOS support at the consumer electronics show (CES 2016) in January. This bit of information comes from a Samsung representative who might have strategically let out the information. Anyways, he mentioned that the support will land in the last week of march.

We have seen rumours that a separate version of Gear S2 was being manufactured by Samsung for the iOS devices but the representative revealed that all the existing Gear S2 devices will be able to work with an iPhone via a free update that Samsung is going to provide. There will be an app called as Gear manager app for the iOS devices that will be used to control the information between the devices and the functionality and notification received on the smartwatch.

The Gear S2 is a unique device from Samsung featuring an intuitive user interface as well as innovative input in the form of a rotating bezel used for navigating the operating system. the device runs Tizen OS and has been praised as one true smartwatch that can give the Apple watch a run for its money.

Stay tuned for more updates.