Samsung confirmed earlier this year that it will be delaying the next Gear smartwatch in order to make sure that the watch is perfect.

The new Gear smartwatch is called the Gear A and it is going to be the first round smartwatch from Samsung. Apart from this the Gear A will also introduce a new method of user interaction due to its use of a rotating bezel ring.

The South Korean giant has also never offered a time frame for the release of this smartwatch but as per the sources the company will launch the Gear A in the second half of this year.

Moreover the sources also claim that the Gear A which had been codenamed Orbis previously is going to be launched along with the Galaxy Note 5 at IFA in September.

The delay is coming from Samsung as the company wants to give the market time to settle down with the Apple Watch which is in fact grabbing the spotlight these days.

However you need to remember that this information should be treated as a rumor and not a confirmed report.

As Samsung has always launched its smartwatches with flagship smartphones, it would seem quite possible that the Gear A is launched with the Galaxy Note 5.