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Samsung’s charm wearable is a lovable fitness tracker

스마트_밴드_챰(EI-AN920)The Gear line of wearables has been the primary priority for Samsung. Why not? They bring in the required moolah and usually costs around $300. But Samsung showed to us its concept of a display free fitness tracker that works in sync with your smartphone. This device is the Samsung charm and the charm wearable was first shown to us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona during the month of February.

the charm wearable is a minimalistic fitness tracker that believes in getting the job done. What I like about the device is that it looks nothing like the regular smartwatch or a fitness tracker. It resembles more of a bracelet jewellery in a fashion show. That might attract a few buyers.

To cater to a wide range of customers, Samsung is bringing this charm wearable in three different colours. Gold, Black and Rose Quartz. An interesting feature is that the bands are swappable and can be used with other attractive third party bands to match your style.Charm_Main_4 Samsung-Charm-wearable-1068x571

“Charm also uses LED notifications to alert you of incoming calls and text messages, as well as push alerts from applications that you can select via the Charm by Samsung app. Straightforward, color-coded notifications also display information about charging, connectivity status and battery level.” Samsung says.

The battery capacity is rated at 17 mAh and will work for 14 days before needing a recharge.

The wearable device also works with the s-health app and in the absence of a smartphone, it works natively and stores important information that will be synced to a smartphone when it is available.

By no means is this concept new, the misfit flash came out earlier without a display and blinking LEDs. but the important thing is that the charm wearable is available for $40.