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Samsung is Still the Leader in Smartwatch Market

Samsung Gear S Crystal
Apple released their most waited smartwatch, the Apple Watch yesterday to gain maximum profit when it comes to smartwatches. To get maximum profit out of the wearable market, Apple also put a massive price tag on the new smartwatch. The cheapest version will cost $349 and price can go up to $17,000.

Even though Apple’s fanboys are qute exited right now, it is always good to know some facts about the smartwatch market. According to a new infographic by Statista, Samsung is the leader of the smartwatch market, followed by Pebble.

Apple iSheeps always say Samsung copied everything from them, but it looks like from last couple of years Apple is just following Samsung’s footsteps. First, they released iPhone 6 Plus, just a copy of Samung’s Note series concept and now after much delay they started to produce smartwatches, again taking many inspirations from Samsung Gear.

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