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Samsung To Make Active Phones With Flexible Displays


Samsung is famous for having rugged and durable handsets as they have their ‘Active’ lineup of phones that are water and dust proof. Plus in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active the Korean giant added some extra protection by protecting it against drops and knocks. However now it seems that Samsung is taking a step further with its Active phones lineup as it is thinking about making future Active phones with a flexible display.

Recently Samsung applied for a patent which hints at Samsung’s plans for a rugged phone which will incorporate a flexible display. The new flexible phone will have protection along its sides and the even the whole phone is said to be flexible. Unlike the Galaxy Round which stays curved in a fixed position the new phone will be entirely flexible.

Now according to the patent it seems that the design of this new Samsung phone will come with special sections that will allow the phone to clip on a user’s clothing which will eliminate any need for special armbands or cases. Now no need to get over excited as there is still no evidence that Samsung in fact wants to make this patent a reality. However with the company’s past we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung actually makes a flexible phone in the future.