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Top 10 Galaxy S4 Problems and How to Fix Them

Galaxy S4 Problems and Fix

Samsung launched one of their best-selling smartphones in March, 2013, the Galaxy S4, which completely astonished the consumers with its elegant and classy design, and a seamless user experience.

It is one of the best smartphones Samsung ever launched. It was able to amaze consumers all over the World, with its glossy design, premium build quality, and smooth performance.

However, despite the fact that it was a big crowd-pleaser back in the day, it can still be problematic sometimes as it gets old. In this article, we will discuss some of the major problems faced by the users along with step-by-step solutions.

1. Battery Drainage

Recently, a lot of users have reported that their Galaxy S4 is draining the battery too fast. There could be a couple of reasons, due to which the battery is draining so fast.

Either you may have been using an unofficial third-party charger to charge the device, which might have decreased the battery time of the device, or the device is getting heated up (which we will discuss later).

Alternatively, if you are using your device moderately, and it isn’t even heating up, you can go to Settings > More > Battery, to check out what is draining your battery the most.

You may fix this problem to some extent by following the steps given below:

• You can reduce the screen brightness while indoors, as this may effectively increase the battery timing of your device. Using dark wallpaper might also be effective in this regard.

• You can reduce your screen timeout, as this will reduce the time your screen stays on after usage, hence, increasing the battery time.

• Disable the features you are not using, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data connection, etc. and enable Power Saving Mode in the quick toggles.

• Try reducing the use of apps that require continuous syncing to the servers, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. as these apps can drain the battery pretty fast.

2. Overheating

A lot of users have been complaining that their Galaxy S4 gets warmed up, or even overheated sometimes. Most of the users experience this problem while extreme gaming, and extensive movie playback. Some users have also reported that it gets overheated whenever they use it while it is charging.

Any electrical appliance gets overheated over hefty usage. It may be due to extreme gaming, a lengthy movie playback, or during calls. This issue may also be caused due to the external temperature, as most of the users complain about overheating in summers.

Following are a few solutions that might fix your problem:

• Many of the users have reported that the media server on the Galaxy S4 is causing overheating problem. In this case, you might want to perform the following steps:

1. Remove the SD Card from your device.

2. Connect it to your PC using a card reader.

3. Make a backup of all files and data on your PC.

4. Reinsert the card in your phone, and Format it.

5. Copy all of the data you made a backup of on your PC, to your SD card.

• It could be due to an outdated software version. You can try checking for updates by following the steps below:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the More tab.

3. Go to About Device, and select Check for Updates.

• It might be caused due to a hardware problem. Try visiting your retailer, and report the problem, or go to a repairing lab if the warranty period has expired.

3. Random Reboots

Many users are experiencing random reboots on their Galaxy S4, which can be really annoying when trying to make important calls, or doing something important.

If this happens on your device without any trigger, by launching a specific app, or by performing a specific action, then you might want to try the following fixes for this problem:

• This problem could also be occurring due to an outdated OS version. Many users were able to solve the problem after updating their software.

• Many users reported that the problem was occurring due to a damaged or defective SD card. Try turning on your phone without the SD card, as this might fix your problem.

• Make sure all of your apps are up-to-date and try disabling or uninstalling the specific app, due to which the issue occurs.

4. Slowing Down

Slowing down is one of the most common problems in Android phones. The same goes for the Galaxy S4. Many people found that the Galaxy S4 was slowing down right out-of-the-box, which might be caused due to Samsung’s bloatware apps.

Users were reported to experience lag while pressing the Home button, while unlocking, and while exiting apps. Users expect a smooth and user-friendly experience when they go for such an expensive smartphone.

Below are some solutions that might fix lag problems on your Galaxy S4:

• You might eliminate the lag by going to Settings > Developer Options, and turning Animator Duration Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Window Animation Scale off. This will make your device fast on the expense of the beautiful animations.

• If you experience stuttering in the lock screen, go to Settings > My Device > Lockscreen, and change the Unlock Effects to None.

• To eliminate the Home Button lag, you might try launching the S-Voice App, and go to Settings, and uncheck the box next to Open via the Home Key option. This will eliminate most of home button lag problems.

5. Wi-Fi Connection Problem

Many users have been facing problems with Wi-Fi Connection on their Galaxy S4, even though their data connection works flawlessly.

Users were experiencing frequent disconnection, or sometimes, they were even unable to connect to Wi-Fi at all. The problem might be related to your phone’s hardware or software. Whatever the case might be, you may try the following solutions to fix this problem:

• Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi , and tap the menu key, and change Keep Wi-Fi On during Sleep to Always. This has proved to fix some of the user’s problems.

• Try rebooting your phone, as it may temporarily fix the problem.

• You may also try turning off the Wi-Fi Saver Mode, by going to Phone > Dial *#0011# > Menu, and choose the Wi-Fi Saver Mode and turn it off.

• It might be due to a hardware problem. Take it to your retailer and ask them for a solution to this problem.

6. Smart features not working

The Galaxy S4 was introduced with some exclusive features, such as, Smart Pause, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, etc. that allured a lot of customers. However, we have been reported from some users that these features are not working as they should.

• It might be caused due to a damaged or defective sensor. In this case, you should take it to your retailer and report the problem to him.

• Make sure that Smart Screen features are enabled in Settings > My Device, in case they might be turned off.

• Smart features do not work in dark environment.

• Smart features won’t work if you are blocking the front-facing camera.

7. SIM Card not Inserted

This problem is very common in most of the smartphones. Users may experience this problem in a no-service area. If this is not the issue, then it might be a hardware fault, in which case, you should take to your retailer, or a repairing lab.
Alternatively, you can try some fixes listed below:

• Rebooting your device might fix this issue.

• Try turning off your device, and reinserting the SIM Card.

• If the issue does not resolve, try inserting another SIM Card that is working on another phone to test if the problem is persisting with your SIM Card or SIM Card slot. If your SIM Card slot is defective, then claim a replacement from your retailer.

8. Display Problem

A number of display problems have been reported by a lot of users. Users are experiencing tainted display in the menus, others are experiencing colored tints in low brightness.

It is still not confirmed if the issues are due to a defective display or a software problem. Anyhow, you may try out the following fixes to fix your display issues:

• Reportedly, Samsung has released an OTA update that fixes most of the display problems on the Galaxy S4.

• You may also try the Screen Adjuster app that is available on the Play Store to see if your screen is working fine.

9. Low Storage

Many people who bought the 16GB version of the Galaxy S4 were pretty disappointed to see only 8.5GB of space for storage, as the rest of it is used up by system apps.

You may try the following solutions to compensate for the low storage problem:

• Buy a Micro SD Card as your device supports a Micro SD Card up to 64GB, which is more than enough for most of the users.

• You may also use online cloud storage service such as, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Mega, etc. which provide users with free storage space.

• The main problem is that you cannot use apps by installing them to cloud services, and most of the apps are unable to install to SD Card, so you may try rooting your device and removing some of the system apps which are taking up the space.

10. Camera and Gallery Not Responding

Many users have reported a problem with the Camera and Gallery App of the Galaxy S4. Users are experiencing errors such as “Camera app has stopped working” and “Gallery App has stopped working”, etc. when trying to capture photos through Camera app, or when viewing photos through the Gallery App.

There could be a number of reasons, due to which this issue is occurring. You may try the following solutions to fix this problem:

• In most of the cases, it turned out that the problem was due to a damaged or defective SD card, that didn’t allow writing of data on it, and hence, causing the Camera app to crash.

• Try rebooting your device, as it might fix the issue.

• It could be due to a corrupted Camera or Gallery app which can be repaired by a Factory Reset, or Software Update.

• You may also fix the problem temporarily by installing a third-party Camera app.

• There might be a Camera hardware problem, in which case, you should report the problem to your retailer and claim a replacement.