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Top 5 Samsung Gear S Hidden Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Hidden Features on the Samsung Gear S
Samsung Gear S is the most advanced smartwatch available at this moment in the market. With features like gesture control, app support, SIM support the Gear S is literally an awesome gadget to use in everyday life.

If you already have a Samsung Gear S, then these secret tips will help you to get best out of your smartwatch. We listed here the top 5 hidden tips.

Samasung Gear S Tips and Tricks

TIP #5 : Text Size Adjustment

Do you feel that the text size on Gear S is bit small or large. No problem you can adjust the text size by just double tapping on the screen or doing pinch in or out. This feature will not work in all the apps though. Apps like Messages and News briefing support this feature for an easy reading experience.

TIP #4 : Brightness and Sound level Adjustment

The next tip is to use double tapping using two fingers. This will open up the setting to adjust brightness and sound level. This works on any screen on any app, which is great.

TIP # 3: Open up Recent Apps

Long pressing with two fingers on the screen will open up your recent apps. This is a smart feature, as you need to long press your home button, then swapping to your apps and then pressing recent apps to do the same thing.

TIP # 2: Customizing Double press of Home Button

You can customize what app the Gear S will open when you double press the home button. Just head over to setting and you can find a item call “double press”. Use this to set what app you want to open when you double press the home button.

TIP #1: Use Gear S on any Android Smartphone

You heard it right. This is a very handy feature as you can literally use Gear S on any Android smartphone. Though the functionality will be limited.

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