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Next Generations of Galaxy Devices Could Have 3d Touch

iphone6s_youtube_video_3dtouchSynaptic, a company known for its trackpads on laptops has invented a tech called clear force. Similar to 3d touch, clear force is force sensing technology that will allow the phone to know when you pressed long or harder and based on that, different interaction options can be presented similar to the iPhone 6s.

“Clear Force enables OEMs to differentiate smartphones by providing customers with new dimensions in user interfaces such as speed scrolling, zoom, gaming, and text or photo editing by applying variable force with a finger or stylus,” the company said in a statement.

The 3d touch for android can be a beautiful concept and phones such as the note 5 can really use them for being productive like never before. You can draw with the stylus and the shades can be darker and thicker when pressed harder similar to what the apple pencil offers on the iPad pro but in this case, with a normal stylus.


Synaptic has pointed out that the 3d touch for android is nearly complete and it has been working with many OEM manufactures for its integration. It also said that the consumers can expect the first wave of 3d touch enabled android devices to hit the stores as early as the first quarter of 2016.synaptics isn’t stopping there, it wants to use the technology in the wearables, tablets and cars to make the navigation easy and simple.

Samsung is expected to be the early adopter of this tech but it isn’t the first. The 3d touch for phone has been first unveiled by HUAWEI MATE S. while the tech is still in the infant stage, apple has setup the phone industry for a major evolution in the aftermath of fingerprint scanning obsession. It would be interesting to see how Samsung will make use of the 3d touch in the note 6.