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Samsung Knox Now Protects 4 Million Individual’s Privacy

YoungJipLee_1Blackberry is the renowned name in the smartphone security world but Samsung has been slowly growing in its shadow as the protector of privacy. Not many people know that Samsung has a security suite called as Samsung Knox that is used by military personals, government officials and business people to safeguard their sensitive data and classified information.

“Despite the constant risk of hackers, we understood that overly prioritizing security could make smartphone usage for businesses inconvenient, especially for management and employees. We wanted to come up with a platform that would provide tight security and be convenient at the same time. KNOX is the result of a design and development process that took over one year.

For personal devices, Samsung KNOX is a prime security platform that protects against external attacks. As an enterprise solution, however, KNOX truly shines. KNOX is the optimal tool that secures devices while simultaneously providing customized services.” Said ssmasung in a blogpost

Samsung Knox has been cleared by the UK and U.S. government for classified use.

There are about 24 phone models that are protected by Samsung Knox and about 87 million devices with Samsung Knox enabled. But the first version of Knox was launched alongside galaxy s4 and subsequently Knox 2.0 arrived with the launch of galaxy s5. Knox is the result of Samsung’s obsession to protect the privacy and data of its customers. Typically, android has been a victim of several bugs and data thefts, Samsung wanted to stop all that and it could do little to stop that with android being in control of google. That isn’t the case with Knox.640_samsung-knox-cropped

Samsung Knox also has some enterprise apps that are available in its designated store. Samsung also partnered with blackberry to integrate their Knox container and blackberry’s worklife suite. You also gain the ability to make your phone work in a work or a personal mode with Knox.

Samsung is widening the compatible devices with Samsung Knox coming to several yet to be released smartphones. Knox also protects Samsung’s super hit Samsung pay. With a clear goal to protect the data and privacy of its users, Samsung is going all out to make its security suite a one stop shop for everyone who cares for their personal data and privacy.






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