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Safety Screen App Puts Eye Protection On High Priority List

samsung_safetyscreen_1Samsung is known for releasing a slew of apps every week. Most of them are never heard again but now and then, the Galaxy maker produces a gem of an app that becomes an indispensable part of our life. Its newest app, which is being called as “ safety screen ”, aims to protect the eyes of a kid while using a smartphone or a tablet.

This safety screen app forces the user of a smart device to adjust the length between the device and the viewing eyes, thus keeping the device at an ideal usage length. This application if free on the Android’s play store and is available for all the Android devices and isn’t reserved for Samsung’s devices exclusively.

This application runs in the background and uses facial recognition software to measure the distance. If the device gets too close, a blue colour animation will be shown on the entire screen before shutting it down. It will be turned on when the distance is increased between the eyes and the holding hand. Samsung has put the safety distance at 25 cm, but the actual length varies with age, sex and type of device.

Samsung has also provided password protection so that kids will never be able to disable the app. They also announced that the developers are considering the iOS version of the safety screen app since many kids use the iPhone and the iPad. The app is proving so popular that it has been downloaded 16,000 times since the time it was available.

Samsung wants to eliminate the possibility of short-sightedness that can be caused due to excessive usage of devices at close range.

Way to go Samsung!!!

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